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How to Use Social Media to Network Effectively

The business world is being transformed by innovative new ideas, so why do people still rely so heavily on formal networking? Business lunches and conventions are no longer the only way to meet potential clients, or partners. With technology changing daily, we have such power at our fingertips to aid in our professional development. Never be afraid to utilize this technology. LinkedIn is the new resume, and the phone is the new way to interview. Embrace this.

With technology, we can be continuously networking with people, rather than waiting for specific occasions. Join groups on any social media site that interests you. Remember, people who join the group will have similar interests as you and will thus be easier to connect with. Do not wait for people to start a conversation with you—be bold and be assertive. You know what you want, and you have to do what it takes to get there.

Social media is on the rise, but with that comes the fact that there is a right way to network using it, and a wrong way. What people so often do when it comes to social media is try to have the most of everything- most likes, most followers, etc. But is this what really matters? Spamming people with information and expecting everyone to be interested is not going to work. When it comes to social media you have to understand there is still such a thing as a target market. You will not appeal to everyone, you will not be “liked” or “followed” by everyone, but if you connect meaningfully to the right people you will build your quality of market.

It is important to be open to any networking opportunity. Whether you are at home in your PJ’s chatting with someone over LinkedIn, or out at a formal conference you have prospects awaiting! Whatever the setting, be open to new experiences and interactions, this will help your network to grow exponentially. For more networking tips, subscrible to the Velvetstyle BizBuzz Newsletter

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