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How to Increase your Instagram Following to Build Your Brand

Instagram is a great outlet for marketing your business. Photos and videos that are posted often and are aesthetically pleasing grab the viewer's attention. You can reach a ton of new prospective customers through social media… you already knew that. But, what you may be thinking is how do you attract an audience to follow your Instagram account?

Here are some helpful ways to step up your Instagram game

1.Post relevant content: Have a goal behind each post, such as spreading awareness about your brand or promoting a product. Understand your audience and what they want to see. With this information you can create original and relatable content that will promote meaningful follower interaction.

2.Use hashtags: Use trending hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Hashtags will increase your photos visibility and generate interest. It is important to limit the number of hashtags in each post, try using three to five to hone in on your desired audience.

3.Host a contest: Contests are a great way to increase engagement. Have people like the post and tag one to two friends in the comments to enter the contest. This will peak people’s interest while gaining visibility. Using #contest at the end of the post will help it to get more traction.

4.Post frequently: People are constantly scrolling through new content on their newsfeed. Posting daily will help keep you relevant and also post high quality images to keep your followers interested.

Follow these tips and you will gain increased visibility and reach. Get more tips on audience engagement on other social media platforms by subscribing to our newsletter: Velvetstyle BizBuzz and be sure to follow @velvetstylebiz on Instagram!

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