It's National Taco Day! Here's How Your Can Use it to Promote Your Business

We're still not clear on the reason for these "National" Days, but some are fun, like National Taco Day. It is a great way for businesses to use these special days to build a buzz. It's quick, easy, and rather inexpensive to do, but the ROI can be in valuable. Here are a 5 ideas you can try right now!

1. Create a great an exclusive deal & share it on social media. Offer a deeply discounted price on your product that relates to the day. It will entice people to get excited about it and come in.

2. Use Email Marketing to promote. Send an email to remind your customers about the day and what your promotion is.

3. Hold a contest. Since there is already buzz about the day, use it to hold a contest to get exposure for your business. Don't forget to include a hashtag and make it easy for people to enter.

4. Offer a Discount in honor of the day. This is great, even if you don't have a product that relates to the day, you can just offer a discount.

5. Offer Something FREE. This is a no-brainer. Everyone loves something free. Offering a free item is a great way to get people in the door quickly. Use it to convert people into customers by having ways to upsell them, once they're in the door.


Tiffany Velvet English is the founder of Velvetstyle, a marketing company based in Chicago, that creates promotions and marketing campaigns for business owners to reach new customers. She enjoys lots of coffee, rooftop dining, and listens to 90s music daily. Her dream is to become a digital nomad, own a hammock and live abroad. Subscribe to the Velvetstyle Biz Buzz for weekly tips on how to market your business.