Velvetstyle is a boutique, integrated marketing team focused on creating chances for face-to-face interaction between our clients and their target consumer. This is accomplished through creatively tailored, interactive events and marketing that build ongoing relationships with business owners and their potential customers.

We focus on small, passion-centered businesses that fun and engaging. Our clients receive  a satin touch; complete with personable and intimate interactions that show that they are respected, important, and appreciated.

Our purpose is to connect clients with their target market in an engaging and innovative level to generate new and lasting relationships. We seek to educate and empower small businesses with marketing know-how so they can grow their business in a meaningful and scaleable manner.

We value human connections and relationships. We believe that a transaction is not the result of a single interaction, but the culmination of several meaningful experiences. We also value empowered clients - we think it's important for small business owners to understand marketing techniques and tools to build their customer base.

We will deliver a customized event and marketing efforts that will bring your target audience to you. We promise to create an inviting and personable event that makes customers feel connected to you and your brand. We will share our marketing knowledge and give you the tools to drive business growth.

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