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So you decided to have an event for your business. Maybe it’s a networking event, company launch, conference, or even a retreat.


Whatever it may be, an Event Strategy can make all the difference between having your event succeed or flop. 


You have amazing ideas, you just need help organizing them into a well-executed event.

First, you’ll give me the details of your event. Ask any questions you have or want to learn more about events

I’ll give you marketing strategies on making your event profitable and getting the best return on your investment (ROI).

Together, we’ll craft out a plan that you can utilize from beginning to end.

Once our strategy session is complete, you will also receive via email a customized Event Guide that includes the updated event details and plan of action that you can start implementing right away.

Each Session includes:

  • A 90-min Phone Session to discuss aspects of your event

  • All your questions answered so you're fully prepared in planning your event.

  • A post session customized event guide to help you implement your plan right away.

Cost: $197

With nearly 500 events under my belt, I know what to do when it comes to events. More importantly, I know what not to do. Let me save you the hours of planning and headaches.

With Tiffany's expertise in large events  I was able to take my goal and make it a reality.

I plan small parties all the time but have always wanted to plan a big event.  This year I'm hosting my first big event at a venue outside my home I needed some help from someone who's done this before.  Tiffany  helped me get my goal of a big event off the ground. I was stuck with where to start and what steps needed to be taken. With Tiffany's expertise in large events  I was able to take my goal and make it a reality.

Tiffany F. Fizzy Party 

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