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We know you want to focus on your business and we're here to be your marketing team.


We'll create a custom marketing and social media campaign so you can focus on running your business.


Whether it's a grand opening, launch, open house or another special event; we'll make sure your clients know who you are.

Let us help you create a marketing strategy for your business that provides the best ROI, and most importantly; brings in new sales!

What Can We Help With?

  • Creating a profitable event strategy

  • Setting up your event

  • Event Promotion

  • Event PR

  • Executing the event

  • Event Management

  • Event Coordination

Creating a Profitable Event Strategy:

We help create a plan based off you needs are. Are you looking for more exposure? Grow your mailing list? Get sales? Increase you social media reach? We will put together a plan based on the goals of the event


Setup of the Event:
We start with an online presence and registration page. We will create a flyer that can be used online and offline. Set up the event through your social pages. We will make sure that it is optimized with tracking links to measure your reach and traffic.


Event Promotion:
We will promote your event through the channels best fit for your event. We will evaluate the need for Paid ads and create & execute if necessary.


Event PR:
We will work on getting your events out the media best suitable for your event. We will create a story and a message around you event and send out a press release on your behalf.


Executing the Event:
This is a full service that includes all the details of putting on the event from start to finish.


Event Management:
We offer day-of services to help manage your guests and see that details of the event are carried out. We will also work with your vendors.


Event Coordination:
We will help coordinate all the details and be the liaison between you and any vendors you need. We will reach out to necessary vendors and negotiate on your behalf.

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