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10 Tips for Summer Time Business Success

If summer is a slow time for business, don't stress it. This is a great time to get the things done that you've been putting off. Here are 10 ways to keep your business striving through the slow times.

1.Update Your Social Media Presence: Use the down time to polish up your social sites. Start with your bio, upload a new profile photo. Make sure everything is cohesive with your brand and message.

2.Review Your Business: This may be a bit broad, but summer is a great time to review your current business state. Are you living up to your mission? Is your brand conveying the right message? Spend some time just looking into your business from the outside. Look into your business plan and make any edits necessary.

3.Review Your Marketing Plan: Just like your business plan, this is a great time to revise and review your marketing plan. Go over the calendar for the rest of the year and schedule your promotions. Review what has worked and what hasn’t, make adjustments as necessary.

4.Reach out to Existing Clients: You put together a customer appreciation event, or simply reach to say thank you for their business. People Love to be appreciated, and they will definitely remember it.

5.Ask for Referrals: While you’re reaching out to your existing clientele, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. 70% of people try something because someone else suggested it. Let your customers be your best advocates. Keep it simple: “I loved working with you, do you know anyone else who would be interested in my product or service?” You can also offer a referral fee or a gift to your existing customer for the referral of business.

6.Canvas the neighborhood & Introduce Yourself: It has been said that business within a 1 mile radius of your location should know what you do. Take some time to walk around the community and introduce yourself. Leave behind a brief informational about your company and even a small token to remember you by. (Even a sweet treat would be great.) The most important thing is to get to know who’s in your community, but don’t try to sell to them, they’ll reach out to you.

7.Update Your Promotional materials: Since you’ll be canvassing the neighborhood, make sure your promotional material is up to date. Your contact info needs to be up to date also.

8.Create or Update your blog: Blogging is a great way to expose your business to more people. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established blog, take this time to write more. Find a great place outside to enjoy the weather and write. It could be a shady spot in the park or even on the beach.

9.Do Market Research: Research is needed for every business. You don’t want to waste your time on strategies that don’t work. You can use research to get to know your target market more or define your target. It can be as informal as asking a few questions to your target market when you’re out or you can.

10.Plan Your Fall Calendar: This is the perfect time for pre-planning. You can decide what marketing activities and promotions you will be doing for your business. If travel is involved, make your arrangements ahead of time.

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