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5 Ways to Promote Your Business For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day (Feb 14) is coming and it's a great time to have a themed-promotion for your business. Here are a few ideas to spruce up your Valentine's Day-themed promotions.

1. Promote a Valentine's Day specific color or pattern for a product-based business. You can have customers select pink or red items for a special discounted price.

2. Have a Valentine's Day Sale. This could be an in-store or virtual, on-line sale. Tell your customers to use the promo code: "Valentines" for XX percent off.

3. Host a Valentine's Day Event. If you have a physical location, why not throw a party while showcasing your business. You can even partner with other businesses to provide a fun, pampering experience.

4. Create a Valentine's Day Social Media Campaign. Share a post on your page and encourage your followers to share or tag someone in a photo as their entry to win a prize.

5. Add a Valentine's Day themed product or item to your menu offerings. This is great for food-based businesses who could offer a limited time pink themed drink or dessert.

There are so many ideas you could do, but it starts with strategic planning. Make sure to plan out your promotion ahead of time so that you can execute it for success!


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Tiffany Velvet English is the Founder of Velvetstyle, an Event Marketing Company that specializes in Creative Marketing Campaigns, Event Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Book a complimentary marketing session here.

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