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The Do's And Don't's Of Promoting Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business, or have had one for years, you know the importance of getting your name out there. Without promoting your business, people may remain unaware of all the amazing things you have to offer! When it comes to promoting a business, there is a right way to do it, and there is also a wrong way. Here are some simple Do’s and Don’t’s about getting the word out about your business.

DO- Keep your website clean and simple.

DON’T- Overwhelm your audience by making your site too flashy.

When people visit a website, they want to know exactly what the company is all about, they do not want to feel overwhelmed searching through various pages to find information. Simplicity is key. There is no need to have a huge “BUY FROM US” banner, it is all about the subtle details and really staying true to your brand. Make the website relevant to your product or service.

DO- Relate to your customers.

DON’T- Become an infomercial

No one likes to be told they should purchase a certain product. When reaching out to customers or potential customers, make sure you do not sound too pushy. There is a reason most people send email advertisements to spam immediately. They do not want to be told how “their life will be better” because of a certain product. Instead, try relating to them and letting them see why you and your business are relevant. Do not send out mass sales emails, no one will read those. Instead, engage with the customers on topics that interest THEM. If you have brochures or newsletters, try asking for feedback from the customers. Make them feel important, after all you would be lost without them.

DO- Use social media to spread your name

DON’T- Get too caught up in all the trends

Social Media can be such a great tool for promoting your business, but only if you use it the right way. The most important thing is to post relevant content that relates directly to your business. Do not go overboard with sharing interesting articles or overusing hashtags. It can be intimidating seeing all the new features on these social media sites, and thinking if something is trending you have to get in on it. In reality, the best thing to do is analyze any new trend and see if it can work for you. If not, keep scrolling.

With the right tricks, promoting your business can be easy and even fun! Remember, some things will be trial and error so don’t freak out if it doesn’t work right away. Tweak it and try again.

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