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6 Tips For Building The Right Customer Base

There is work in building a customer base, and maintaining those relationships to keep them coming back. Below are six tips on how to build a customer base that is best for your business.

1. Know who you are selling to

Find out who your business appeals to so you can focus all your energy to those people. Whether you narrow your market down to a certain age range,

or even gender, it will help immensely when deciding on your marketing


2. Advertise effectively

Once you know who you are selling to, do just that; sell. Advertise your company

through multiple channels, as much as you can. Find the best methods to reach

your target market and focus on those. For example, if you are selling children’s

products you wouldn’t need to bother with newspaper ads, as those would not be


3. Engage the Customers

The only one who can tell you what the customer wants, is the customer

themselves. Ask them for feedback, you would be surprised how many people

actually enjoy filling out surveys, because they feel important when being asked

for their opinion. Another option is to have focus groups come in to share their opinions or offer surveys to the customers.

4. Modify based on the needs of the consumer

Modify your advertisements to appeal to your customers. Use the research and feedback you receive from your current customers to improve your offerings.

5. Offer Incentives to Loyal Customers

Business success is not merely based on obtaining customers, but in maintaining those relationships to keep the customer re-ordering or returning. By offering

special promotions and discounts to loyal customers, you are giving them a

reason to keep doing business with you. They will feel rewarded, and you will

keep that relationship favorable for future purchases.

6. Stay Personal with your Customers

When people get into business, they often think everything has to be a formal

relationship, especially that between the customer and the business owner. Things have

changed so much over the years, now it is more about personal, meaningful

relationships more so than anything else. Build these relationships by making it a

point to talk to the customer. Talk AND listen. If you have to follow up

with a consumer, do not make them feel like it all about business, engage with

them about other things as well. The better you know your customers, the better

you will be able to direct your efforts towards them.

When building a customer base it is important to keep the consumer in mind. If

you follow these tips you will be on your way to building a quality customer

base of people who will stick around.

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