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3 Tips For Growing Your Business Using Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

Mobile devices have become the most popular way to surf the web, with 60% of online traffic being accounted for by smartphones and tablets, causing a shift in the focus of marketing. Mobile marketing is now the strongest way to reach potential customers. Follow these tips to successfully market your business on mobile:

1. Mobile Videos: Consumers are constantly being fed information, making it hard for one image to stand out. This is where videos are your best friend. Creating a short video catches the attention of consumers more successfully than an image. Spending more time looking at a video than a photo, consumer engagement will increase. Try using Instagram’s new app to create trendy and attention grabbing videos.

2. Curated Content: Customers are tired of seeing intrusive ads pop up when they are scrolling through their social media channels. Create content that doesn’t interfere with a consumer’s mobile experience and heightens and engagement.

3. Personalized Experiences: Mobile users want to know what can be done for them. They don’t want to be bothered with messages that don’t target their demographic or won’t make their lives easier. Market on mobile smartly by identifying your demographic and where they spend most of their time on the Internet to target them specifically.

Mobile Marketing is now the most effective way to reach a consumer and following these tips will grow your business. For more tips and updates on how to market your business subscribe to our newsletter: The Velvetstyle BizBuzz

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