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Influencer Marketing- The Secret to Building Buzz for Your Business

In such a social media driven world the way people decide on which products and services to consume is largely impacted by the opinions of others. Consumers follow all different types of popular accounts on social media platforms, wanting to learn directly from their favorite internet figures. Followers trust their influencers and take their advice on which products and services to invest in.

Influencer marketing allows businesses to capitalize off of word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth has always been a successful way to drive sales. Businesses are able to take more control of this powerful tool and magnify its impact through social media outlets.

Consumers are tired of traditional advertisements that interrupt their experience. Consumers respond positively to native advertising where products and promotions feel to be a part of organic content. Influencers offer the naturalness consumers demand through a trustworthy source.

Influencer marketing makes businesses more noticeable. Influencers represent the businesses they are promoting. They drive sales and build the company's brand. Influencers also have the added benefit of making businesses more searchable. The more likes and shares a post gets the more mentions a brand gets increasing the business’s visibility.

Influencer marketing is favorable to both consumers and businesses because it identifies products as must-haves to target audiences and successfully drives them to the brand. For more news on marketing strategies subscribe to: Velvetstyle BizBuzz


Julia Franco is a marketing and social media intern at Velvetstyle, a marketing company that helps business owners connect with their customers through marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and events. She is graduating from Wake Forest University in May 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. She lives in Connecticut, right outside of New York City, and is always at the dog park with her Labradoodle Oliver.

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