The 6 Best Holiday Promotions that Get Results

The holiday season is a great time for businesses to increase their sales. During the holidays, it is important to appeal to prospective customers and catch their attention quickly. Here are just a few of the best promotions that do that.

#6 Limited Edition Gift Sets If you have a product-based business, offering limited pre-packaged gift sets are a great promotion. If customers know that these are limited quantity items, they will be more inclined to check them out.

#5 Free Gift With Purchase Everyone loves free! If a customer was thinking of purchasing already, this may be the tipping point to trigger buying. Free gifts could be a small token or it could even be a service, like free shipping.

#4 Percentage OFF a Certain Amount

This is a great, effective promotion because it drives a higher ticket price. You can designate a minimum purchase as a requirement to get the discount. A great starting point is 20% off $50 or more purchase. A customer may be shopping for one item, but may continue shopping to take advantage of the discount, allowing you to have a higher sale.

#3 Dollar OFF a Certain Amount This is the same type of promotion as #4 but it tends to be favored more. It is generally easier to calculate dollars over percentages. You could use the same example and offer $10 off a $50 purchase.

#2 Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF

This promotion is great for selling multiple units. If you're looking to clear out more of your inventory this could be a great idea. Customers who are buying multiple gifts would appreciate this promotion.

#1 Buy Get 1 Free

This is similar to the previous promotion, but let's face it, everyone loves FREE! If you can create a promotion where your customer gets something free, this will instantly create buzz and interest.

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