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How to Plan a Fall Event for Your Business

The fall season is a great time to plan your next event, and here are some tips to help you do it:

  • Pick a theme:

Stay true to your brand when picking a theme for any event. The theme is more about what kind of event it will be, rather than the actual decorations. Decide who your audience is, and make the event something that will appeal to them.

  • Create a Strategy:

Start by making a list of what all needs done, then create a timeline. Be specific when making the timeline, specify what needs done and the deadline, working your way up to the event. One smart way to do this is to start by listing everything that needs 3 months prior, then 6 weeks prior, then 4 weeks prior, and so on.

  • Offer Promotions:

For most small businesses, events are a way to attract new potential customers. One great way to get people interested in attending an event is to offer some kind of exclusive promotion. This could be something as simple as giving a small discount to those who attended the event.

Make sure your business is ready for the fall season by having an event in place to promote your business and offerings. For more tips, follow us @velvetstylebiz and subscribe to our newsletter at Velvetstyle Biz Buzz.

*Originally posted on July 31, 2016


Kyrie Hoover is a Marketing major at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she will graduate next May. She is currently doing a summer marketing internship with Velvetstyle, which specializes in marketing strategies and event planning. Kyrie is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and loves to watch the Steelers play any chance she gets. She has a passion for travel, Italy being her favorite place in the world.

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