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3 Social Media Trends to Follow in Business

Social media is an essential part of a complete marketing strategy. It allows businesses to directly connect with clients on a personal level and drive sales. But, social media is ever-changing, and it is important to stay up-to-date with new features on all platforms to increase visibility and engagement.

Here are three social media trends to stay on top of this summer:


Trend: Short Video

Short looped videos have been all over Instagram feeds recently. They are eye catching and fun ways to show off your business and brand. While your followers are likely to keep scrolling down their feed, they are more likely to view a video. This is a great opportunity to engage them. Try using the Boomerang app to easily create a video and post it to Instagram.

2. Facebook

Trend: Live Video

Live Video is a game changer for Facebook! You can now post a live video stream on-the go through its mobile app. This is the perfect tool to use to give your customers an insider-look into your business. It can be used for so many things including product releases, live events, or even tutorials about your product and services. You now have the ability to answer questions and develop a relationship with prospective buyers.

3. Pinterest

Trend: Buyable Pins

Buyable pins allow Pinterest users on mobile devices to directly purchase products that are pinned. This user-friendly feature enables the buyer an easier shopping experience by allowing shoppers to purchase directly from the page they are viewing.

These are just a few trends in social media that you can implement now. Follow Velvetstyle on our social channels to stay on top of the social media trends for business. And for more tips, tricks and strategies for your business, subscribe to Velvetstyle BizBuzz

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