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The App You Should Be Using To Take Your Instagram Account to The Next Level

Videos created on Instagram’s new Boomerang app, are trending on everyone’s newsfeed. It allows you to post short looped videos, which appear similar to a GIF. With what feels like an exponential increase in social media platforms grabbing consumers’ attention, Boomerang successfully attracts consumers and boosts engagement.

The app is extremely user friendly and doesn’t require any video editing, making it quick and simple to create an eye-catching Instagram post. Many large brands, such as Cosmopolitan, Coca-Cola, and Ritz, have already been taking advantage of Boomerang and showing consumers that they are up-to-date on social media trends.

This shareable content can be used to showcase many different aspects of your business. You can use it to promote new products, share events, show behind the scenes, and share your brand's personality. Boomerang allows you to standout on consumer’s newsfeeds as a fun and creative alternative to photos alone. This feature is a perfect compliment the latest social media trends in business. The Boomerang App from Instagram can be downloaded for free on IOS and Android.

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