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How to Get Recognized As Industry Expert By Using Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to engage in conversation with customers and to share tips as a knowledgeable source. Growing your Twitter account will increase your engagement and recognition as an industry leader and innovator. There are many different things you can do to organically grow your Twitter account while attracting the right potential consumers.

Posting frequently and consistently is a vital first step in attracting your potential audience. Twitter is extremely fast moving making it easy for an account to get lost in a sea of tweets.

Post at least 3 times per day to increase your account visibility. Twitter is conversational so engage in conversation with your audience. Post tweets that are relevant to your industry and solicit responses.

Share notable information, ask your audience questions, and ask them for their thoughts. Like, retweet, and reply to your potential consumers’ tweets. Your Twitter account will grow traction and become a voice of authority to your audience.

Using hashtags will organize your tweets and increase there visibility. Use hashtags that are pertinent to your industry and are trending on Twitter. The hashtags will create interest and point a potential audience in your direction.

Every single tweet should be carefully crafted and have a purpose for being posted that will build your brand. By posting consistently, engaging in conversations, and using hashtags your account’s visibility, audience, and engagement will grow.

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