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5 Tips to Rock Your Next Event

Events are an important part of a business’ marketing strategy. Whether the purpose is launching a new product or networking, a successful event can foster client relationships, increase marketing reach, sales, and more. Planning an event requires attention to detail and foresight. Here are five tips for a successful event:

1.Prepare in advance: Know your budget, target audience, event agenda, and business goals of the event. Set goals and objectives early on so that you can track your event-planning process and focus in on essential elements.

2.Start marketing early: Marketing heavily is an important way to inform attendees and get them excited about the event. Create a detailed marketing plan using multiple media outlets. Determine what outlets you will utilize, including social media platforms, how many people and who you want to target. To get the most out of event marketing on social media be sure to use these top 3 summer trends.

3.Follow up: Stay in direct communication with vendors and ask them to provide you with updates. This will make sure that everything is on track and lessen the chance of any unwelcomed surprises the day of.

4.Be prepared for the unexpected: Run through any possible incidents that could happen, for example bad weather, in the weeks prior to the event and have a plan to work around it. The event will run much more smoothly when the staff is prepared to deal with any situation.

5.Pay attention to the guests: Mingle with guests and solicit feedback. The guests can make you aware of any problems, from simple to more complex, and all issues can be dealt with expeditiously. This will allow you to tailor future events to your audience's interest.

These preparation tips will help make your business event run painlessly and successfully. Follow Velvetstyle on our social channels to stay on top of the social media trends for business. And for more tips, tricks and strategies for your business, subscribe to Velvetstyle BizBuzz.

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